Image by David Becker/ Getty Images

The city that never sleeps

Will never wake up again.

Where neon screens and cell bells reign,

Dominating the rhythm of the street,

For a moment screams and shells rained—

It only needed a moment.

Now the key is modulated,

A major moment in minor.


Dance like they are shooting your feet—

Dance until you drop.


There were many ducks.

A little birdie tweeted

But the others didn’t flinch

(The cuckoo bird, precisely,

Who overran the eagle’s nest)

Because others have evolved

To survive like Darwin said.


Meanwhile, beats were dropped

And roofs were raised

32 times

Triggering an arms race

To race to the top.

And arms reached out for one another

And arms guarded the head

And arms are getting sick

Of being misrepresented.

And arms and legs were bloodied

And arms gripped arms in fear

And arms defended the armless

Because arms could do nothing but run.

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